Ancilia Protect, a beacon for people concerned about their health and comfort.

For several years traveling the world, our president has mobilized energies bringing together our fellow man so that “each of us can access the highest standard of health and well-being”. A truly empowering act of Ancilia Protect Ltd, is the vision that unites and inspires us all in these wonderful human adventures that are the moskitofree and waveprotect projects. We invite you to participate…

human health and comfort solutions


We set up and achieve R&D programs through partnerships with renowned scientific organizations. These programs are based on previous in-depth surveys and operations in the market that lead to better understanding of expectations from distributors and users.




protection anti moustique individuelle

Moskitofree – We protect you from mosquitoes without chemicals

Moskitofree Family is a non-toxic, odor-free repellent that is totally safe and respects the environment and the food chain. Moskitofree Family has an ergonomic design that works independently and silently and is effective both indoor and outdoor for a maximum area of 15m2, sufficient to protect a living room, bedroom, kitchen, terrace, a camping car, a tent or a boat … Moskitofree Family has been tested in laboratory. The battery has been tested according to EU Directive 2013/56 / EU.



shield against wave wave protection iphone smartphone

Wave Protect – Protecting you from electromagnetic waves with style

Waveprotect comes out of a research and development program that relies on a strong and long term and ongoing partnership between Dephasium, and CNRS (official public scientific lab under the control of French Government). This partnership was created in 2008 for the conception of solutions of protection of people against potential danger of mobile phone radiation. Waveprotect is now a mature and patented technology that is used to define technical specifications of exclusive phone covers. All waveprotect covers performances are tested by IETR (from CNRS), specialized in electronics and telecommunication.



Ancilia’s mission is to protect people against various kinds of pollutions and the inconvenience encountered by individuals in the close surroundings of their daily lives.

The company starts with its innovative phone cover technology protecting people against biological risks of cell phone radiation. Ancilia also offers a range of high-end wallets and bags protecting credit cards and bank coordinates in case of proximity to highjackers’ NFC readers

Recently, a third range of products has been developed: A portable, non toxic and not chemical-based device that protects people against mosquitoes without killing those insects. Just as Ancilia phone covers take radiation away from the user,Moskitofree takes mosquitoes away from the person. Ancilia’s road map is made of many other innovative development programs to protect people in their daily lives. Yet, the main priority now is to market those three ranges of products and make Ancilia a leading brand to individuals that care about their health, peace of mind and comfort.