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Protecting you from electromagnetic waves with style.

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WaveProtect, within the wireless world…

In a world where people are constantly connected, mobile technologies of all kinds multiply, and consequently, the electromagnetic (EM) waves increase. In addition to cell phones, many domestic devices are EM sources: television sets, electronic gaming, electrical household appliances… not to mention all the sources of ambient waves: rooftops antennas, satellites or high-tension lines.

Ancilia’s mission consists of offering a global range of biological protection technologies, devices, systems and solutions allowing compensation and significant reduction of any potential effect of electromagnetic pollution on human body.​

A protective shield against electromagnetic radiations

WaveProtect is not a simple iPhone case, it is an intelligent protection that diverts 99% of the harmful waves emitted by your smartphone.To create it, we had to innovate and face technological challenges with the help of major French laboratories such as the CNRS and the IETR. With its Italian leather finish, this iPhone cover achieves an exceptional degree of refinement. Lightweight and sturdy, it protects your health and your iPhone. Thanks to WaveProtect, you are finally protected during your calls.