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natural and effective mosquito repellent

Moskitofree has been tested in laboratory.

The test protocol is simple : We place in a cage of 40 x 40 x 40 cms, 200 female mosquitoes (Those who sting) hungry and weaned for 24H00. Several volunteers (men and women of all ages …) successively place their arms in the cage, equipped with the anti-mosquito device activated, and measure the time during which they are protected. After 2 consecutive bites, the test is stopped. At that point the product no longer protects.

Fighting malaria, a priority plan for the African continent

A mosquito bite can kill. It’s that simple. Malaria, caused by parasites transmitted by the bite of an infected female anopheline mosquito, is responsible for nearly 429,000 deaths per year. Children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable – by 2015, nearly 70 per cent of malaria deaths occur in children under five years of age. While the disease was once widespread almost everywhere on earth – particularly in much of South America and northern Italy – eradication efforts during the twentieth century have limited the endemic presence of malaria to 91 countries. To date, however, half of the world’s population – 3.2 billion people – remains at risk from malaria.

New 2017 product launch : Moskitofree Family, your stand alone mosquito protection for indoors and outdoors use. Protects you for hours without chemicals or pesticides

Moskitofree Family is a non-toxic, odor-free repellent that is totally safe and respects the environment and the food chain. Moskitofree Family has an ergonomic design that works independently and silently and is effective both indoor and outdoor for a maximum area of 15m2, sufficient to protect a living room, bedroom, kitchen, terrace, a camping car, a tent or a boat … Moskitofree Family has been tested and verified in laboratory. The battery has been tested according to EU Directive 2013/56 / EU.

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